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December 12, 2017

Proudly Presenting 53 Steeplechase

by Author

Two years in the making, this architectural masterpiece is a unique trophy property that was designed by Lapointe Architects, who specializes in the design of environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. Nestled behind a forest within approximately 6 acres of private land, featuring floor to ceiling glass, this masterpiece of a manor pushes the boundaries of conventional living. This ‘magnum opus’ also features gorgeous views of the neighbouring forest, open skies, and Aurora’s natural landscape. Let’s take a closer look at 53 Steeplechase. 


The home’s exterior is a marvelous sight and the roomy driveway entrance is a treat to pull into. The front entrance features a soaring collage of glass windows above the doorway, making the entrance feel more inviting and spectacular.

A quick detour will take you to the home’s main floor kitchenette. This loungey level features stainless steel kitchen counters and island that work well with the light hardwood flooring. Space includes large windows above the counter and on the sliding door leading outward to the deck, perfect for bringing in natural light.

The master bedroom perfectly encapsulates minimalism. Wake up to beautiful views as you gaze through the large and airy windows into neighbouring forestry. The bedroom also features a fireplace which further evokes intimacy within the space. 

This two-level indoor pool is situated within an airy enclosure, perfect for all-season swims at any time of the day. Day-time swims are particularly special as the pool area will illuminate with cascading natural light.


Deliberately situated nearby the exclusive Magna Golf Club, 53 Steeplechase features 11,500 Sq ft of living space that includes 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms; all within arms reach of world-class amenities – including St. Andrews College for your son or daughter to attend. With designs as impeccable and infinitely brilliant than ever, unparalleled quality and lovely location, it’s easy to see why this property is truly dubbed a piece of art.