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December 20, 2017

Charities We Support

by Author

 In lieu of the upcoming holidays, we’d like to share with you some specific charities that are meaningful to us; ones that inspire change and continually have a positive effect on society.  

Abuse Hurts

Abuse Hurts is a national, charitable organization that is committed to accessible support, healing and empowerment of anyone touched by the trauma of abuse.For over 20 years, Abuse Hurts has been working in collaboration with the community and corporate partners to raise awareness about the true cost of neglect and abuse.  They support approximately 100 service agencies and other organizations across Canada. Our aid helps over 100,000 individuals per year. Hammond International Properties' Verna Debono is currently serving this organization as the executive board member.

Get involved: https://www.abusehurts.ca/

Montage Support Services

Driving change for over 20 years, Montage Support Services is a committed an innovative team of professionals that work with and support those with disabilities. Their mission is to provide each individual with the quality support they need to live a life that reflects what is unique and meaningful to them. In order to achieve this, Montage works closely with families, staff, and volunteers to incite growth in the lives of the individuals they serve. Montage Support Services encourages living in a community that values inclusiveness, dignity, respect, and excellence. 

Get involved: http://montagesupport.ca/get-involved/

The Brain Campaign – Epilepsy Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation 

Neurological conditions and debilitating brain injuries can be a crippling burden for families. The Brain Campaign is raising over $250 million to fund tool, facility and equipment upgrades to give scientists and doctors a fighting chance in their collaborative research efforts on patient care and cures across the spectrum of diseases linked to the brain. Donated funds will be used by the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, a team of dedicated interdisciplinary health professionals committed to prevention, intervention, long-term management and more. The team evaluates approximately 1800 patients per year and works to pioneer the latest technologies that improve detection and the ability to diagnose conditions such as epilepsy sooner. 

Dr. Fred Gentili, Neurosurgeon at Toronto 

General & Western Hospital Foundation

Give to The Brain Campaign: https://www.tgwhf.ca/campaigns/brain/


Other UHN programs: https://www.tgwhf.ca/ways-to-give/ 

Asthma Society of Canada

Solely devoted to enhancing the quality of life for people living with asthma and respiratory allergies, the Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) is a national charity, driven by the tremendous support of volunteers, and devoted to enhancing the quality of life for those living with respiratory conditions. Their vision is to empower every child and adult with asthma in Canada to live an active and symptom-free life. People living with Asthma, and associated allergies are the focal point of education and research. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for these individuals by improving their health. The ASC provides high-quality information for asthma education and awareness programs, all while funding research efforts.  

To learn more and donate: https://asthma.ca/

With the holidays approaching, it’s important we take a step back to consider the important things in life. We are inspired by the generosity and the hardworking nature of these charitable organizations that dedicate their life and craft to helping others. When families are brought down life’s challenges, often times it is organizations like these that are here to pick them up. At Hammond, we are proud to associate ourselves with these charitable organizations. There is no better way to head into the holidays than to give them the applause and credit they deserve. Have a happy and healthy holiday!