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November 19, 2017

Exclusive Listings with Outstanding Entertainment Spaces

by Author

Your home is a sanctuary; a place to relax, put your feet up and unwind from a day’s work or a long week. Your home is not only your place of refuge, it’s also your personal entertainment hub where spending time with family, hosting gatherings or entertaining friends is most comfortable and can be personalized your way. Sometimes our favourite part of going out is coming home, so why not make this notion infinitely truer? The ultimate hotspot nearby may very well be in your own home. Here’s a great look at some Hammond Properties where entertainment is a new art of living.


150 Parr

150 Parr is an absolute oasis with this stunning indoor pool area with wooden finishing. Tempt yourself with the idea of year-round pool parties and late night swims under the lights. 150 Parr proves that you can experience the ultimate memories at home.


65 Westwood

If you thought the last home entertainment centre we showed was great, take a look at this one. 65 Westwood dares to live life luxuriously with this home theatre setup in this gorgeous estate. Once you enter, you won’t want to leave. 

Step outside into the iridescent pool area and truly experience life well lived. Perfect moments await at the Westwood estate. 


56 Mapledown

This is not your typical choice for home entertainment. 56 Mapledown features an indoor hockey room with simulated surface perfect for authentic target practice or fooling around with friends. It’s a safe space for your son or daughter to practice their craft without having to worry about destroying the rest of the home!


Your personalized entertainment experience awaits at Hammond International Properties.