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September 11, 2018

8 Cosy Reading Nook Ideas

by Author

A reading nook with a lot of natural light allows one to feel completely tranquil while getting lost in a great book. The large sofa makes the space extremely cosy and the small details such as the plant and candles create a calm setting.


Reading on a window ledge is a tradition that has been passed on for centuries. It is so peaceful to indulge in a book with the view of the beautiful outdoors right next to you. This reading nook is satisfying due to the pop of colours; the blues and yellow give the room such a happy vibe!


This reading nook is ideal for one that loves the simple things in life. A comfortable chair, some greenery and neutral colours give this nook a calming and peaceful setting.


Have a small space that you’re not too sure what to do with? Simply turn it into a peaceful reading area! All you need is a comfortable chaise, a blanket and lighting. It will complete the space and give you an excuse to read that next book on your list.


Design a chic reading nook by hanging a comfortable chair from your ceiling. You can swig, put your feet up, and relax all while indulging in a great book in your very own home!


Even if you do not have a lot of room to create a reading nook, all you really need is a comfortable chair, some lighting and a book! Simply add your favourite chair to any room to complete the look and give yourself that perfect place to get cosy to read.


One of the most tranquil moments in a home is while taking a bath. Indulge in your favourite novels while doing so with this creative reading nook. Relax, indulge and get lost in a great book.


Is your favourite place to get cosy and read in bed? If so complete the space by adding in a light fixture and a pop of colour for a chic reading space in your bedroom.